SAP Hana Implementation inom Telecom

Corechange has been engaged as Program Manager for a large scale Hana Migration Program for a large Swedish Telecom company. The engagement was to plan and deliver full scale migration from Oracle database to the new SAP Hana in-memory database for twelve large, global SAP solutions at the customer over a two-year period. The engagement has covered all aspects of a Hana database migration project, from early proof-of-concepts to the actual migration of the production database during an intense 48-hour downtime window over a weekend.

The SAP Hana in-memory database is marketed by SAP to give very significant performance improvements compared to a traditional database such as Oracle. Hence, the early proof-of-concept phases of the program were focused a lot around performance, performance measurement. Many scenarios gave very good performance improvement out of the box while some other scenarios required some additional performance tuning efforts to take the most benefit of the SAP Hana database.

The planning part of the Hana migration program covered aspects such as capacity planning, hardware selection, downtime management, custom code analysis, test migration and of course regression tests and performance tests.

The execution of many of the activities in the program was done by CoreChange partner TCS. Also SAP supported the program with support and performance tuning activities.

CoreChange contribution to the program has been to drive the program forward, to manage the relationship with the key stakeholders from both Business and IT within Ericsson and to manage the relationship and deliverables from external partners. Communication and summary documentation and presentation have also been important activities in the program were CoreChange have had the main responsibility.